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CROSSOVERS: Effective Jan. 1, 2015, athletes may enter unlimited contests subject to their being qualified. Promoters must indicate on their entry form if CROSSOVERS will be allowed.

INDIVIDUAL POSING ROUTINE: Every Bodybuilding & Women’s Physique competitor in Florida NPC Contests will perform his or her Individual Posing Routine by themselves either during prejudging or at the evening show – the decision to be made by the Contest Promoter. All Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Men’s Physique contestants will perform their individual turns in the Prejudging.

MUSIC: Competitor’s music must be on a CD and can not contain any profanity – use of profanity is an automatic disqualification.

PERSONAL TRAINERS: In order to encourage comradeship among contestants, equalize the playing field and insure proper security, Personal Trainers will not be allowed backstage at NPC Florida contests. Promoters who request an exception to this rule to allow personal trainers backstage, must first insure that they are current members of the NPC

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